A Pioneering Name Lives On

Dolbel Estate derives its name from the original settlers of land situated to the west of Taradale, close to the world acclaimed art deco centre of Napier. The Dolbel’s arrived in the 1850’s.

In the mid 1980’s, the New Zealand resident descendants of the Dolbel family engaged Andy Nurse to re-energise and reactivate activities on the land. The most significant activity involved the identification and development of 37 hectares (97 acres) into vineyard. Additional activities included grapevine propagation, farmland improvement, and forestry development.

Development of the vineyard commenced in 1988, with the first grapes produced in the 1990 vintage. These were supplied on contract to the also newly establishing, Church Road winery. This contractual arrangement continued for some 15 years. Grapes were also supplied to other significant wine brands.

The quality of grapes produced, along with the selection of varieties best suited to the terroir, resulted in some consistently impressive wines being made by some well known Hawke’s Bay wine brands, to whom grapes were supplied. This gave the confidence to develop a Dolbel brand.

In 2006, Dolbel Estate Wines was established. Tony Prichard was the winemaker at Church Road with whom a close association had been developed during the grape supply period. When he left Church Road, he was engaged to work with Dolbel to craft a distinctive range of exciting and subtly different, elegant wines.

A New Direction

In 2010 it was decided to review the “global” enterprise activities. The outcome was a change in direction, with a withdrawl by the Dolbel family from operational activities.

Agreement was reached between the family and Andy Nurse, for the wine company to be acquired and continued, with land-based activities to reduce.

Andy and his family, having been involved with the business from its inception has acquired the wine company, and together with winemaker Tony Prichard are continuing to produce the single vineyard wines of the style, quality and distinction, for which they have become known.